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    Our Philosophy

    Does being in the spotlight make you feel nervous, uneasy, tense and ultimately ineffective? You are not alone!

    We help you understand how your past influences your day to day functioning and how to change patterns that no longer serve you through a variety of techniques.

    You have spent years cringing at the thought of eyes on you because of stressful life events, difficulties in your industry, instances of feeling invisible or exposed. We have experienced first-hand the impact of these issues in our own lives and that’s how we know the healing power of the methods we use.

    We can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

    Meet Our Team

    Elisa Monti, PhD

    Elisa Monti, PhD

    Dr. Elisa Monti is a psychologist, certified Performance Wellness therapist trained in the Montello Method for Performance Wellness and Vocal Psychotherapist...