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    Our Self-Healing Courses (Modules) include:

    • 4 Audio Guides + 4 Worksheets – to help you process some of the emotional things that are hitting creatives the hardest
    • Q/A videos – where clients can ask us something directly and get feedback from us (past recordings  included).
    • Educational video – research and theory
    • Post-Covid Anxiety (Re-emergence anxiety) is the difficulty in getting back to ‘normal’ life in a post-pandemic world. This module contains resources for dealing with concerns about resuming daily activity and interactions.
    • Auditioning and creating art are two of the most anxiety-provoking activities for artists and performers. This module contains resources for unpacking and healing those fears to understand them and prevent them from blocking you.
    • Internalized beliefs and artist stereotypes are learned from our environment and conditioning. This module helps you explore their influence in your life and detach from them.
    • Each of us has within us not one single self viewpoint, or voice, but multiple. These are known as “parts of the self”, for example your inner critic, your inner child, your artistic self etc. This module helps you get to know and relate to these parts in a way that helps you become your own ally!
    • Traumatic experiences affect individuals and artists in complex and profound ways. This module walks you through steps to understand how your trauma affects your emotional and creative life and how to find self-compassion, growth and resilience.
    • In creatives and performers, maladaptive thoughts tend to manifest in particular ways, such as defeatist thinking, all-or-nothing thinking, self-blaming, catastrophizing, overgeneralizing, magnifying the negative, minimizing the positive, feeling undeserving, jumping to conclusions, and polarized perfectionism. This module helps you become aware of your own maladaptive thoughts and behaviors and walks you through the steps of restructuring them into constructive thoughts and behaviors.
    • Relationships are like a mirror, reflecting back to us our unresolved issues and beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world. Our reactions and behaviors within relationships are informed by our internalized messages, past experiences, and prior relationships, and these patterns often become reinforced as time goes on. This module guides you in finding new and healthier ways to show up in relationships.
    • Burnout is physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion that is a result of excessive or prolonged stress. It can trigger depression, anxiety, detachment, a loss of a sense of purpose, and other symptoms that can negatively affect one’s performance, relationships, and general quality of life. This module helps you become aware of the signs of burnout in your life and offers tools to process current burnout and prevent future burnout.
    • This is the complete collection of modules that focus on struggles that specifically impact artists, addressing topics such as audition fears, performance-related trauma, and negative internalized beliefs. Modules are meant to help you learn more about your emotional struggles while giving you the tools you need to begin your transformational journey.