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  • Visibility finally gets to be easy

    Everyone has a spotlight, a stage, and an audience

    Reconnect to 'why' you are in the spotlight

    Convey your message with confidence

    Painless Visibility & Authentic Sharing

    • Do you struggle before, during, and after a performance/presentation/art show/ public speech/social event, wondering what you could have done differently? 
    • Do you spend more time comparing yourself to others than you spend living your purpose?
    • Are you tired of feeling ‘less than’, anxious, and stuck?

    In many ways, we understand your unique challenges and needs. You have invested so much in your craft or your career, you have taken classes, you have hired coaches, perfected your skills, but your soul needs healing.

    When are you going to take some time to work on that? Monti Bianchi Performance Wellness, started by Elisa Monti and Stephanie Bianchi offers support that is eclectic in nature and integrates a variety of theories and techniques to help you achieve your goals.

    We have personally experienced our methods and know their efficacy. As a team, we are able to provide you the best of our combined experience and offer comprehensive and compassionate support.

    Elisa Monti, PhD

    Elisa Monti, PhD

    Dr. Elisa Monti is a psychologist, certified Performance Wellness therapist trained in the Montello Method for Performance Wellness and Vocal Psychotherapist...